In reality there are thousands of people behind big brands but all of them are responsible for certain tasks and have their own responsibilities. People belong to different departments and communication between departments as we know suck even in small companies.

Let’s just look at the picture from behind the fence:

  • You are a part of a Social Media team, each day you receive so many requests on Social Media than humanly possible to process. The saddest part is that in most situations you don’t have a right to solve these problems as it’s a job of other people.
  • Normally it takes millions of efforts to get access to the systems, CRMs, and the like used by other departments. In most situations, you simply don’t get approval and have to ask someone personally to check this or that for you.
  • Some people ARE crazy, they write the things no one will ever understand and the first instinct is to delete those comments in order not to have a spammy look. However, sometimes you can confuse spam with just emotional customer who’s in a hurry.
  • You have to answer hundreds of similar questions every single day. Part of these questions is on the website, the other part was already explained by your company on social networks below. Inventing some new formulation can take you more time than re-writing ”An American Tragedy” and which is why sometimes you allow yourself to use some clichéd phrases.
  • Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook have a significant number of bugs when it comes to notifying about new comments or tweets. Missing some when you have a huge scope of ongoing tasks is also possible due to technical problems on the side of social networks.
  • Sometimes you just don’t give some information because it’s not given to you or ”the official version” isn’t decided on yet. But you still have to reply.

I’d say there are many people behind big brands and support on Social Media normally cannot be performed only with efforts of Social Media team. Only a proper organization of a huge company can result in excellence on Social Media and in other directions.

There are also a number of different misconceptions on what Social Media managers should really do and that can cause some severe problems within the company too, especially during the planning stage.

What would you say? Did you have any experience in communication with big brands on Social Media? Did you get the help you needed?


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