1. Automate Delivery of Your Blog Posts

Use Dlvr.it to automate the delivery of your blog posts when you publish them. 

2. Automate Scheduling of Your Content

You can set up your schedule on Buffer and when you add content to Buffer it will automatically queue up your content and send it out at the times specified.

3. Automate Monitoring of Your Brand Name

There are some great tools that will help you keep track of your brand name mentions online. Check out talkwalker.com which provides free alerts.

4. Automate Curation of Your Content

Use ContentGems to get a daily feed of content related to the keywords and topics you specify. This will give you a great list of content to share.

5. Automate Tracking of Results

Set up goals in Google analytics and automatically track traffic from social media and results as a result of this traffic.

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Image Source: Capterra.com
Source: razorsocial.com

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