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Now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of just how to grow your business with Instagram.

The key is to integrate it into your marketing strategy. But, of course, there’s a bit more to it than.
Let’s dive in.

Optimize your profile page

The first thing you need to do is build a killer profile page. Upload your logo as your profile picture, or, for personal brands, a photo of yourself. Whatever the image, make sure it’s clear and eye-catching.
Then, create a username that makes your business easily identifiable to users. If available, choose your business name as your profile—if not, choose something as close to your business name as possible.
In your tagline, include a link back to your website where people can opt-on to your email list, and use the space to sum up your brand and tell users what your company is about in as few words as possible.
For example, Sharpie, the iconic marker brand, has this catchy phrase in their tagline, followed by a link back to their website: “Grab a Sharpie & Start Something.”


Use hashtags

Hashtags are crucial on Instagram. They help people track your posts and let you find out who is talking about you. For example, if you own a shoe store, take pictures of the shoes you have in store and post them with the hashtag #Adidas, #NewShoes, #SweetShoes, etc. Some good hashtags you can use on every photo are #instagood and #photooftheday.
Don’t be afraid to get “hashtag happy”! Use as many as you like—just make sure they’re relevant to your picture and/or your brand. A TrackMaven report found that users who used 11+ hashtags received an average of 77.6 interactions!
Here are a few more tips for creating relevant hashtags:
Select words that a prospect or customer would think of when looking for your business, products, or services
Create a new hashtag for each new product, service, event, or topic that you’re posting about
Keep them short, sweet, and easy to spell  


What to post

Keep this in mind: quality is always great, but what really makes an Instagram photo stand out is how much it captures the emotion. Here’s what you should be posting 
New products (both standalone and in use)
Sneak peaks of brand new products
Behind the scenes photos and videos
Special offers and contests
Photos of employees and customers
Daily life at the office
Business events that you organized or attended 


Add your Instagram feed to your website 

This is a great way to share your images and take advantage of some of the benefits we talked about in the previous email (i.e. increasing traffic/engagement, building trust, gaining a competitive edge), and it also encourages other Instagram users to follow you.
Want to add your Instagram feed to your website right now? Try SnapWidget!

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