How To Know When Your Website Needs a Redesign

Posted on 2014-05-14 | Source:Websites A-La-Mode

To redesign or not to redesign, that is the question!

Has your website been properly maintained? If not, it is more than likely stale and outdated. Additionally, a stale and outdated website does not attract or drive visitor traffic as it should.

A website with stale information is also not good for the brand image of the company.

If your website has any of these 10 qualities listed below, then you need to consider a website redesign:

- Out-dated design and graphics = lack of appeal
- Slow website performance = frustrated users
- Still using flash = not accessible on most mobile & tablet devices
- Lacks modern features = inhibited user experience
- Difficult to navigate = website abandonment
- Poor categorization = user can’t find items
- Payment/Donating is complicated = reduced sales or giving
- Current design lacks capability to increase company’s profits
- Website no longer (or never did) fulfills needs, purposes and goals

Additionally, if considering a website redesign, a logo redesign may be in order. A fresh new design, image and identity might just be exactly what you need to fulfill your online presence goals.

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